Friday Links: October 31, 2014

We’re counting on you to put some horribly creepy and awesome Halloween images in our pool this weekend, everyone. Put on some comfortable shoes in November, because we’re about to announce a ton of Exposed DC events for you to soak up, including a metro-accessible extended run of our InstantDC Fall Review and a quick-round of free photography classes through Knowledge Commons DC. You’ve also got FotoweekDC kicking off next Friday — we’ll have a preview of recommended events for you early next week.  Now, on to Friday Links!

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Some Uses of Photography @ Katzen Arts Center

Ding Ren, i took a picture i was of motion. 2011_2013

Ding Ren, i took a picture i was of motion. 2011-2013

Some Uses of Photography: Four Washington Artists at American University’s Katzen Arts Center is a unique kind of photography show. In a dark room tucked away on the third level is an intriguing exploration of how photography is used to make art. I was delighted to see that Phyllis Rosenzweig, a former curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, organized the exhibition—she was, big disclaimer, one of my thesis advisors, so I asked to interview her about the exhibition and how it serves to change the dialogue of cataloguing photography in contemporary art.

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In Frame: October 29, 2014

We see our fair share of long exposures in the Exposed DC Flickr pool, the vast majority of which are shot in low light. John Benevelli – whose nocturnal long exposure was selected for our InstantDC Fall Review – has bucked the trend with these Marine Corps Marathon images, shot in full daylight and producing a gorgeous, wave-like effect.

906A8838-2 by John Benevelli


906A8788-2 by John Benevelli


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In Frame: October 27, 2014

15433275799_efce9020dd_bThe one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.”

This image of a very young, and very captive World Series audience was made by Kevin Wolf.

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Featured Instagrammer: Albert Ting

This week’s featured Instagram user is Albert Ting, @pootie_ting. Some of Albert’s best recent works are when he employs a blurring technique in post for a nice subtle dramatic effect. He possesses a playful designer’s eye that shows through in each photo he posts. Below are some of our favorites.

If you’d like your Instagram photos to be considered for this weekly InstantDC-curated feature, please tag them #exposeddc or #instantdc. Show us what you’ve got!

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